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President: Bert Jacobson

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EESCC next Monthly Meeting (6/5, 6:30 PM)
The EESCC meeting will be at Sizzler.

EEMSP next Monthly Meeting: (6/5, 7:30ish)
At Sizzler right after the EESCC meeting   

Learn more about EEMSP (Emerald Empire MotorSports Park) click here.

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2024 Upcoming Spring Events
By Bonnie Mueller

Register for any EESCC Event here
(Autocross, TSD Rally, HillClimb, Banquet, Membership, etc.)

Please check the 2024 SCCA Solo Official Rules to see which class you are in this year.

These classes were dropped: SSR, XS - These classes were added: CSM, CSX, XU

Note: SCCA has changed the class for Electric Vehicles (EV) to EVX.
EESCC will accept either EV or EVX class on both sides of your car.

Click on 2024 SCCA Solo Official Rules to download (pdf).
If you are unsure send an Email to Jim Mueller to get clarification.

EESCC accepts Credit and Debit Cards
at registration at all events

We can also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, etc.  We much prefer that you prepay and register online. Checks and cash are preferred at registration. For convenience and for that NFT run in the afternoon that you just have to do because the course was soooo much fun in the morning and you didn’t bring enough cash.  Now you don’t have to run to the ATM.

E ESCC Current Noise Restrictions
Remember we have a 95 db Max noise limit in place
Please have your car quiet so we can continue to respect our event sites and the neighboring areas.

click here for more information

ONLY Snell 2010+ M and SA helmets will be allowed.

2024 Upcoming Spring Events
By Bonnie Mueller


Saturday April 13th Adopt-A-Highway Road Cleanup Meet at 9:00 a.m. at Chevron Station near Milepost 3, on Hwy 58. Usually takes 2 to 2 ½ hours Club buys pizza and drinks after.

Sunday April 21st Blind Autocross Old Creswell Mill Site- east section. registrar@eescc.org for info. Register online at eescc.org This is a charity event for Guide Dogs for the Blind, read attached flyer for all info.

Saturday 4-27 EEMSP Garage Sale Fundraiser for our 501-C-3 Sports Park. Save the date, donate your sale-worthy stuff to us…please contact Bonnie at (text) 541-953-1064 or Licia at 541-933-2500 if you can donate items or help! Location will be 2635 Chuckanut, Eugene. 9am-closing on the 27th

Saturday and Sunday, May 4th and 5th
Events 1 and 2 at Valley River Center, read attached flyer for schedule of when you are running. Register at eescc.org

Saturday May 11th Larison Rock “Chainsaw day” – winter storms brought down many trees- meet at hill start at 9am with chainsaws- tree moving implements & strong backs.. Any and all help needed Please e-mail Mike Glass at mikglas@yahoo.com or Bonnie jzduky@comcast.net for info on how you can help.

Saturday May 25th Larison Rock Clean up day- This time weedeaters, trimmers, mowers. Same time 9am. Call/e-mail with questions. Thank you

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