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Year End Banquet Review 2023
By Licia Shultz

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By Paula Loftin

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Note: SCCA has changed the class for Electric Vehicles (EV) to EVX.
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ONLY Snell 2010+ M and SA helmets will be allowed.

Year End Banquet Review 2023 
By Licia Shultz


If you didn’t make it to the banquet this year, well, I am sorry you missed it! There were some fun things that happened, so I will do my best to share what the night was like.

We had our event at the Shadow Hills Country Club, in Junction City. It was a wonderful venue, and we are hoping to do it there again next year. The food was great, and the service was friendly. Bert enjoyed the fact that they provided an easy to use Audio and Visual center. We used it to show our videos and other presentations with relative ease. There was also a bar set-up that many of our group enjoyed. The room was a good size and would fit even more folks if needed with no problem.

This year’s event was just close enough to the Halloween holiday that we invited all our attendees to wear a costume. And let me say that they did not disappoint! It’s the first time our club had a costume event, and it was well received. Bonnie and Jim were the greeters at the check in table. Jim was the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy, Colonel Sanders, and Bonnie was Wendy from Wendy’s Hamburgers.

A good portion of the group were in some kind of costume. We had a costume contest that was judged at the end of the evening. One was for men and the other was for women. Everyone got a chance to vote for their favorite. The prize was a free race entry. Drum roll……the prize went to Ricky Bobby (Brad) and Clay (Dainelle) - Shake and Bake Baby!!! I hope you have had a chance to see some of the photos posted online or maybe on the club’s website. What a hoot!

This years’ trophy was a wonderful grey hooded sweatshirt with the club logo on the back and the trophy winners name and class on the front. Great job with the trophies, Tim and Peggy!

Some of the other things that happened: the IROC Champion was Ryan LeBlanc, while the cone killer award went to Paula Loftin. Bert was MC and Nick was his Vanna. Bonnie did our community review, and John Schmidt presented a poster for the Larison Rock hill climb champion, Jen Ocker, and Jamie Black won the Gear of the Year award. I walked through a power point presentation on the status of the EEMSP project, (a first for me!), to update the progress of the foundation, while trying to keep it a rather vague presentation since we can’t share a lot of detail yet.

We did play a couple of games, not too much, just enough to have a bit of fun. All in all, it was a wonderful night spent with our racing family.

I highly recommend coming to the year-end banquet. Looking forward to seeing you all next season! Thanks, Licia Shultz

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
By Paula Loftin

Last month, I wrote a little article about the genesis and history of EESCC's involvement with the Evolution High Performance Driving School. One thing I failed to do though, was adequately say thank you to all those folks who made it happen. So here goes!

First, of course, thank you to EESCC itself. Had the club not been willing to support me in my effort to get the school in our area, it would certainly not have happened.

Next, thank you to our club members who attended the schools! It was gratifying to have so many sign up the first year. We had equally great participation this year, with some new members joining the several of us who took the school for the second time. As one of those members, I can say I gained as much and more from repeating the course! I imagine I will continue taking the course as long as we offer it… and perhaps in a year or two, we will have enough folks ready to take their phase 3, challenge course!

Club members who joined us this year provided great support in actually running the event, and I want to personally thank each of them. Once again, without their help, it would not have been possible.

Alan Bowers stepped in and ran tech inspections. Due to his expertise, we were able to manage it all with no tech sheets! We got creative, and got the job done! Thank you, Alan!

Dana Zimmer, who came along as a spectator, saved the day by handling the timing on Saturday. As we all know, Dana can always be counted on to go above and beyond…she sure did in this case, and with her typical efficiency and cheerful personality. Thank you, Dana.

Also of invaluable assistance were John Schmidt, who acted as photographer, AND ran to get our lunches both days. Licia Schultz and Mary Richardson helped get everything set up for our "office" so folks could sign waivers and get wristbands, as well as kept things organized with regard to lunches and water for everyone. Alex Gross and John helped with timing setup, and were just generally helpful throughout the day if I needed help… Thank you John, Licia, Mary and Alex! I honestly don't know how I could have done it without you!

In addition, we are indebted to John Merryman and the Corvette Club for the use of their cones, which is what they agreed to rent us, PLUS flags and fire extinguishers, which I failed to remember we needed… and to Bert Jacobson for getting it all arranged.

Finally, I want to thank Glen Hernandez and the Boeing Employees Autosports Club for the use of their timing equipment. Glen was there as an Evo coach, but also brought and set up the timing.

It sure helped when it came time to pack up and go home, that we didn't have to deal with the equipment and timing stuff… I hope we can make the same arrangement next year!

It was a great school, and it was all possible because of the great help that we received.

Thank you all!

Paula Loftin

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