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December's Monthly Meeting (12/1, 7:00 PM)
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The EEMSP  November Monthly Meeting Canceled
   December's Meeting: (12/8, 6:30 PM)
EEMSP meeting will be at Jamie black's house.

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GSL #66 Licia Shultz
By Bonnie Mueller

2021 EESCC Year End Banquet HIghlights
By Bonnie Mueller

2022 Here We come
By Mike Glass

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GSL #66 Licia Shultz  
By Bonnie Mueller


Licia and Jerry Shultz became involved with EESCC around 2008. At that time Jerry was autocrossing his 911 Porsche. Licia started with helping Cat & Halli as Assistant Novice Coordinator. She got her own blue vest, and our current Novice Coordinator was born! Licia does a really great job of introducing newbies to the sport. Whether it be teaching them the rules, giving course walks, or arranging rides with experienced drivers, she is always concerned and looking out for our new drivers. She also is the force behind our starting the Emerald Empire MotorSports Park Foundation, a 501c-3, founded to one day develop our own driving facility.

Around 2018 Licia drove the Porsche in autocross – and became HOOKED! She got the “bug”, as she says. That was the year she turned 60, and she decided it was finally time to take up autocrossing.

In 2019 she purchased a 2013 VW GTi Driver’s Edition specifically for racing, because it would have less repair concerns than the Porsche. She runs her car in GSL, along with co-drivers Hope Mueller and Jamie Black.

This season, the GTi was upgraded with 200 series tires which gave it more grip in the corners. The smile she always has when driving continues into the pits and grid. She says “the best thing about autocross is the auto community, the family”

We are blessed to have Licia as a member of EESCC.

2021 EESCC Year End Banquet Highlights            

By Bonnie Mueller

On November 6th we gathered at the Valley River Inn for a celebration of our successful year. We thanked all our sponsors with great sponsor gifts. If you were not able to make it (sponsors) we will be getting your thank-you trophy to you. Again, we are so thankful for all our super sponsors!

A photo collage ran continuously on the screen, as we visited and checked out the fun items up for auction to benefit EEMSP. We also had a raffle going for another season of autocross entries, again to benefit our 501 C-3 EEMSP.

Then, on to dinner (yum) and games. How did Brad and Dainelle know to bring all those items? Who let the cat out of the bag?? You had to be there to see the wild action. Then, on to the IROC presentation. Ryan LeBlanc showed us all how to do it by besting #2 Jeff Childers by .679. Another .382 back was Alan Bowers. Congratulations to all class winners who were able to drive the car. What fun!

Class trophies were awarded to 62 folks. Again, thank you Tim and Peggy for arranging the great awards.

We recognized our Gear of the Year…Dana Zimmer! Dana has been an invaluable asset to the club for several years and this year she was wonderful. She works in registration full time, and helps out in timing when we have shortages. She also comes to Larison Rock Hillclimb just to work, and this year managed the task of running the new timing system very successfully. Thank you, Dana!

Speaking of the Hillclimb, we had long-time volunteers Karen & Ray Johansen in attendance. We gave a round of applause to all our volunteer workers at Larison, and then presented our 2021 Queen Jen Ocker with her “crown”. We had a stand in for our King Scott Lezchuck, who also received his crown! Congrats to the quick driving. Dana Zimmer was recognized as one of three NHA volunteers (at two other hills) to earn the Ernie Bogey award for her outstanding volunteerism.

We recognized our “Good, Bad, and Ugly” trio of awards. The “Good”: Dainelle Kober won the most improved driver award, the “Bad”: Licia Shultz was awarded the “compass” award for most DNF’s. The “Ugly” went to Paula Loftin for the most cones hit in 2021. She was to receive the prestigious “Jason Braunberger Trophy”, unfortunately Paula left early, so was not there to be heckled!! She did send me a thank you and said she is looking forward to having the trophy all year??.

Bonnie gave a report on the state of the club, Licia reported on EEMSP and its’ progress. Bids closed on our silent auction and our raffle closed. Mary Richardson won a season of autocross entries in the raffle. In all, over $1900 was raised in the Silent Auction, and another $475 was raised with the raffle. Thank you to all that donated items and also those that participated by bidding.  

2022 Here We come  
By Mike Glass

Well, another season has closed, and we are now post banquet, so things have settled down to the point where it is possible to sit down and write a bit about the past season and perhaps a few other things… As everyone knows 2021 was a ridiculous year (as opposed to 2020 which was a truly crappy year!) and it currently looks as though 2022 will be similar, at least the first part of it. The virus situation has further complicated the planning and organization of events for many of the regions auto clubs and appears to have brought a substantial growth period to a close with lower participation levels for the first time in several years. We witnessed the destruction of several vehicles belonging to folks in our circle and endured various weather-related adventures, like the first event after changing to full slicks taking place in near freezing temps. With the added features of snow, hail and rain! Weather also necessitated the cancellation of one of our favorite Hillclimb’s in the area. Was it all ‘doom and gloom’ though? Well, did we have fun? Heck yeah!!!

We all got to participate in a full season of events in our cars thanks to the work of those behind the scenes that continue to run some of the best, most sorted events in the region. Most of us know who these people are, so I won’t try to name everyone here, but we all owe these people more than an entry fee for what they help us do, so next time around, pitch in and help!

So, let’s talk about some new adventures! Did you know that EESCC has a road rally? Many people are unaware of the existence of this particular type of fun with cars and it is a great way to put your brain to use while enjoying a fabulous country drive! Put simply, these events consist of a wonderful drive on country roads with the route determined by a set of instructions which must be interpreted according to a set of rules. The object of this exercise is to arrive at a certain point at a certain time without knowing where you’re going or when you are supposed to be there!! Great fun and a great excuse to go for a drive! Look for this event in the spring…

Another way to enjoy your drive time, especially your fast drive time, is to consider entering a Hillclimb! EESCC runs one of the oldest continuously held Hillclimb events in the country! The Larison Rock Hillclimb is Emerald’s own, thanks to the work of Bonnie and Jim Mueller along with a crew of dedicated volunteers. This event is what we usually only dream about...screaming up a country road as fast as you please with no worries about oncoming traffic! This opportunity only comes along a few times a year in the region and does require a bit of travel to run more events, but the fun level is much higher than many other speed events! Also true is that the level of risk is higher than both autocross and even many track events, so a higher level of safety equipment is required unless you are driving a true street car. Speeds are lower than most track events, as is the cost of entry. These events are usually attended by only a small portion of a club’s driver/members with EESCC member participation perhaps the highest with roughly a dozen competitors in area events. The point here is that there is plenty of room and these events are available to everyone, as an entry or as a volunteer so please consider giving it a try...the 2022 season will be upon us before anyone is ready, so we’ll see you soon!!  

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