Previous Years EESCC Publications

Date Document (Click to read) Author (Click to send Email) Comments
December 04, 2020 December 2020 Article Lorin Wamsley Twas the Night before Race Day by Lorin Wamsley. Reprinted from 2016
September 20, 2020 Spetember 2020 Article Peggy Steck I'm Walkin by Jeff Fields
August 11, 2020 August 2020 Article #2 Mike Glass Finally Some Events By Mike glass
August 05, 2020 August 2020 Article Sarah Fields Glad to be back by Sarah Fields
July 09, 2020 July 2020 Article John Schmidt How 66 HP led me to Autocross by John Schmidt
June 04, 2020 June 2020 Article Lorin Wamsley We Love our Sponsors by Lorin Wamsley
May 16, 2020 May 2020 Article Jamie Black Lockdown, Loss, and the Meaning of Life by Jamie Black
April 16, 2020 April 2020 Article Jerry Shultz Why Racing by Jerry Shultz
March 08, 2020 March 2020 Article Jody Leder I Race my Car on Three Wheels by Jody Leder
February 01, 2020 February 2020 Article Bonnie Mueller What's Your Lucky Autocross Number by Bonnie Mueller
January 01, 2020 January 2020 Article Jerry Braunberger The End of a Racing Career by Jerry Braunberger

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