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Our Club is comprised of members with all types of cars who associate for one common interest - they enjoy getting out and driving!! If you're into more than "Show and Shine" this club's for you. (Although we do appreciate good-looking cars and tend to use a bit of Zymol, too.) We get as much enjoyment out of planning and putting on an event as we do participation in it. Rather than keep the sport to ourselves, we hope that you will join us and share the fun. If you love driving your car, want to participate in the various motor sports we offer, and are willing to pitch in, we welcome you.


Perhaps you've sat at the edge of the track and yearned for a chance at the action. But out there are experienced drivers and lots of expensive machinery! That chance to go like heck and take a crack at winning a trophy may not be all that far off. Autocrossing, a speed event, is intended to give a chance to the driver on a limited budget and whose racecar often is also a daily driver. A course is generally laid out on a parking lot with traffic cones - lots of corners and a few straights. Only one car at a time competes and the object is to achieve the fastest time through the course. There are different classes set up for the various size cars and the amount of modification to them.


Have you ever been driving up a winding mountain road that was soooo much fun that you wished you had the road all to yourself, that you could use the whole road and drive the way you'd like to? Try Hillclimbing! Several clubs in the Northwest have turned that dream into reality. From Northern California to British Columbia to Boise, Idaho there are at least 6 fine Hillclimbs during the months of May to September. These are weekend events - usually two runs are given the entrant each day, for a total of four runs for the weekend. Best time counts for trophy. A race car is not a necessity, there are classes similar to autocrossing. Many entrants drive their car to the event. We have many active Hillclimbers in the Club and put on an event (Larison Rock Hillclimb) near Oakridge every year.


We have among us several road racers active with Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), and Vintage racing. These members spend many weekends throughout the racing season at several of the fine road racing tracks in the Northwest. If you are actively interested in going racing, we can direct you to the right people to talk with. Also, the sponsoring organizations hold several fine driving schools, which are highly recommended.

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