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Driving On the Proper Side Of The Road
By Licia Shultz

Thunderbird 2017
By Simon Levear

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Driving OnThe Proper Side Of The Road
By Licia Shultz

Have you ever had the opportunity to drive in a foreign land? How about one that drives on the opposite side of the road and in the opposite side of the car? Twice I have been so fortunate, but let me tell you, not as easy as you may think.

Ten years ago I went to see as much of Ireland as possible in 9 days from a rental car. In my mind it just didn’t seem like it would be all that difficult to manage. My daughter and I flew into Shannon airport on an early May morning. We collected our things and made our way to the rental car agency at the airport. We picked out a Renault 4-door sedan, filled it with our stuff, signed all the required papers and swore not to drive it into Northern Ireland on pain of near death and substantial economic penalty. Once that was all done we set about to find our way into the emerald green island we had been dreaming of.

This was my first exposure to driving on the other side of the car and the street. My daughter was quite comfortable with driving around, while I looked out the window at the beautiful landscapes. The roads were narrow when we got into the rural areas (lots of Ireland is very rural) and many of the back roads didn’t have the painted lanes designated. And then there were the ever present rock walls on both sides of the road. In the very rural areas we would be in competition with tractors and farm trucks and of course the very picturesque herds of Irish sheep and their constant dog companions. Speaking of sheep dogs, it is a punishable crime to run over someone’s prized sheep dog, so that was an added layer of concern when driving.

So with all this in mind I did have a go at it, and it was mostly okay,  but there were a few occasions when my daughter would squeal out, “wrong side of the road mom!” I know there were a couple of times when an oncoming tourist bus would cause my brake foot to quiver and we would needlessly come to a near stop while scraping an old and not so well placed rock wall! Only once did we come close to running over some one’s prized sheep dog, but that’s another story.

Yes, I did it it. I was however quite happy to ride along as a passenger. My daughter did inform me later she only let me drive just so I could say that I had done that.

Recently I went to visit my daughter and her husband, who now live in Christchurch New Zealand.

They too have decided to drive on the other side of the street and the other side of the car. I was going to be spending a month in the foreign land and I wanted another opportunity to try my driving skills. At first, I think all my daughter could remember from our trip to Ireland was that maybe I should let them do the driving, because I scared the crap out of her.

Christchurch is a rather big city, they were far more familiar with the roads, and I did come to see as much of the South Island as I could, so I wasn’t too hurt to just be a passenger.

Thunderbird 2017
By Simon Levear

It was the first weekend of February 2017, Eugene had seen snow and freezing rain a few weeks before and Portland still had snow and communities near the Columbia Gorge were a sheet of ice. Somehow it made sense to drive over 500 miles North to Merritt, British Columbia for the Thunderbird Rally.

The Mitsubishi was still having issues so I borrowed a vehicle from some friends for the event. This wasn't just any old car, this was a turbo charged all wheel drive BMW 325ix formerly owned by Satch Carlson and known as "Bad Dog." This car is ideally suited for the event. It happens that the car is now for sale with more information here:

I left Eugene at about 6am on Friday and started the trek North. First I stopped in Portland to collect Bad Dog and was a little concerned about getting where I needed to go as I had not brought chains. It turned out not to be an issue. The greater challenge was walking up my friends driveway in the ice. Once I picked up the bimmer, shod with a brand new set of Hakkapelita 7s, there was little need to worry about getting around town.

My navigator lives in Gresham that, sitting at the end of the Columbia Gorge, was a sheet of ice and I passed a handful of cars in ditches, including a furniture van that was completely blocking the route. Fortunately a few detours got me to his place and we loaded supplies and headed North. Once North of Vancouver the snow and ice were gone and we continued the long haul thru Washington State. Turning off the freeway in Bellingham we soon found snow covered roads as we made our way to the border crossing at Sumas. A quick stop at the duty free and then into Canada. After a few more hours of dark driving we arrived in Merrit where we enjoyed the two for one steak special at the Grand Pub and Grill.

First Car out was 11am Saturday morning and we headed out. The first stage was familiar, as we had run this stage in prior years. Before it was usually a mix of gravel sections and snow covered roads. This year, it was fully snow covered easily 6 to 8 inches deep. We started the stage 20 hundredths early, but were soon running late. Despite the horsepower the car had, I just couldn't get the time back. We took a "fault time dec" on stage one, which cost us 20 points but we took only 7 points on that stage. The day continued with more stages ranging from deepish snow, to plowed smooth, but slick stages. The final stage of the day was run in the dark and included a tiny deeply snow covered track thru the forest. We originally missed the turn on to this track and lost time reversing to make the turn, then the engine stalled and we lost more time getting it started again. Another "fault time dec" and some spirited driving in what was probably the most challenging driving of the event, and we had a sigh of relief when we completed that stage. We ended up using three time decs and were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in third place at the end of Saturday with a score of 65 points.

To get a sense of what this was like, there's a video at this link

More snowy stages on Sunday but fortunately no more time decs, and the event finished with us maintaining our third place position with a total score of 119. Then started the long haul back home. Crossing the border in Sumas we encountered blowing snow and white out conditions that had us crawling along and 10 mph. Fortunately that only lasted a few miles and the rest of the drive home was uneventful.

While nowhere near as wide as the Thunderbird rally, Emerald Empire Sports Car Club is putting on Revival Rally II on May 13th. Prior to the event there will be a Rally School to introduce folks to the basic rules and procedures the rally will use. If you haven't done a TSD rally before, you are encouraged to attend.

If you do come to the event, I'd recommend you bring a time piece that you can set, that has seconds. Also useful is a clipboard, pencils, pens, and highlighters. Make sure your vehicle is ready to go with a full tank of gas.

The event starts with the Novice Rally School at 12:30, and registration starts at 1pm, both at the Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation (250 S 32nd Springfield, OR). There will be a contestant's meeting at 1:45 with the first car starting at 2:01. The driving portion of the event will end around 5pm with awards presented around 6pm.

I look forward to seeing you at the event. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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