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April 25, 26
(Sat & Sun)

Event 1 and 2

Valley River Center

IceBreaker will count toward Year-End points this year.

May 2

Rally TSD

Time, Speed, Distance (TSD) Rally

June 6, 7
(Sat & Sun)

Event 3 and 4

Race Track

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Roseburg, OR
Make Reservations for Lodging in Roseburg or camping available on-site in the pit area. No hookups on site.

June 20, 21
(not confirmed)
(Sat & Sun)

Event 5 and 6

HooDoo - TBD

Please note: There is a possibility that we will also have two events at HooDoo on June 20 & 21 but as of today it has NOT been confirmed.  If these dates become available, we will have two additional events for the 2020 season. **** If you have ALREADY PREPAID for 8 events and HooDoo dates become confirmed then you will qualify for a special price of an additional $15 / event ($30 for both days) for the HooDoo events. Please pay for these events at the Registration Trailer. ****
This special price is ONLY available if you are a member AND have prepaid for ALL 8 existing confirmed events!

Jul 4, 5
(Sat & Sun)

33rd Annual Larison Rock HillClimb

Oakridge, Or
Make reservations:
Best Western Oakridge Inn
47433 Hwy 58

Jul 25, 26
(Sat & Sun)

Event 5 and 6

Willamette Pass
Make Reservations:
Willamette Pass Inn & RV
Hwy 58
Crescent Junction
Woodsman Country Lodge
136740 Highway 97 N
Crescent, OR 97733
(541) 433-2710

Aug 29, 30
(Sat & Sun)

Autocross 7 and 8, plus IROC

Valley River Center
Blind Autocross

Nov 14th

6:00 PM

Year End Awards Banquet

Valley River Inn
Columbia Room

1st Wednesday of each month
(Wed 7:00 PM)

Monthly Meeting

Sizzler Restaurant
Gateway Blvd
1010 Postal Way
, OR



Any questions, comments, or concerns please contact our Competition Director, Hope Mueller.

NOTE:  There are eight events (Autocrosses 1 – 8) that are classified as Point Events.  The best six of these eight Point Events count toward the year-end trophy.  Larison Rock HillClimb does not count toward the year-end points.  IROC is the final EESCC event that is run during the last Autocross race (Event #8).  Each class leader competes, given one run on a completely different course created within the last autocross race.  The IROC winner is announced at the year-end banquet.

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