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All Rite Roofing, a sponsor since 2005
Jim Mueller, Submitted: 08/07/2020 01:20
All Rite did our roof several years ago. They replaced the shakes with a forty year asphalt shingle. The job was done quickly and well. The did a great job of cleaning up the debris. Annually they glean our gutters and treat for moss.
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Ryan Wamsley, Submitted: 05/14/2020 07:19
All Rite Roofing did a fantastic job on my roof. They were clean and quick. On time and on budget.
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Lorin & Bren Wamsley, Submitted: 05/08/2020 12:38
The owner, Bert Jacobson, is our president and probably our most identifiable member. However, that's not why a lot of folks use his roofing company. In fact, the opposite is true; the way he runs his company, and the honesty and ethics by which he lives, is the reason he has garnered the respect and trust of all who know him. All Rite Roofing has done roofs for us and our family members as well as the gutters for our home, and has met all expectations including exceptional clean up. This is also a shout out to Lisa who keeps everything running smooth.
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Axe and Saw, LLC, a sponsor since 2020
Lorin & Bren Wamsley, Submitted: 04/30/2020 08:48
Ray Schafer, owner of Axe and Saw Tree Service, was referred by a neighbor to take down a very large broken fir bough about 60 feet up. He gave us a very reasonable bid, showed up when he said he would, and left no trace of having been here. We also used him to trim a large maple and remove another broken fir bough about 70 ft up. Again, excellent work, immaculate clean-up, and great price; all from one of the nicest men you will ever meet.
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Black Diamond Fence and Deck, a sponsor since 2020
Jim Mueller, Submitted: 08/07/2020 01:27
They did the upper deck that goes from the front of the house to the back upper deck. They did a fantastic job. They rounded all the corners, making everything look like finish carpentry. The also did short fence, completed it in half a day. Quite sturdy and attractive.
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Lorin & Bren Wamsley, Submitted: 04/28/2020 09:10
Jason Thomson with Black Diamond Fence & Deck was very professional, knowledgeable and had great ideas and solutions for our 1100 Sq Ft deck replacement. We had met with other contractors with competitive brands but settled on Jason. When it came time to do the job, we were extremely happy with his crew's expertise and professional work ethic. Fantastic job and we highly recommend Jason and his crew.
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Chameleon Painting Services, a sponsor since 2014
Jim Mueller, Submitted: 08/07/2020 01:40
Eric Hoffman is the principle for this business. He has painted the whole outside of our house and the upper deck, as well as various rooms inside. When he painted the house, he talked us into changing from a stain to a particular new type of paint. It is fantastic. He does very professional work and does it quickly.
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Lorin and Bren Wamsley, Submitted: 05/12/2020 08:03
We have known and used Eric Hoffman for all our painting jobs, both interior and exterior, for about 12 years. He always has good ideas and uses the best paints and techniques. we are extremely satisfied with everything he has done for us. We had always done all our own painting, but having Eric do our entire home inside and out makes us understand why you would use a professional. The difference is significant, especially on the the trim. Oh, and the time it takes to complete each task. He is fast and efficient.
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Custom Audio, a sponsor since 2005
Ryan Wamsley, Submitted: 05/14/2020 07:21
The guys at Custom Audio are awesome! They gave me ideas I didn't even think of for my customizations. Some of the work they do is absolute artistry. They are the only place I will go to.
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Lorin Wamsley, Submitted: 05/04/2020 07:42
My son Ryan and I have used Custom Audio for a lot of projects. Wiring on the race car, adding a backup camera and monitor to Ryans Exterra, and installing a complete surround sound theater system in my family room to name just a few. There will be more. Thanks to owner Dean Higginson and fellow racer Jeremy Bunker.
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Edge Motorsports, a sponsor since 2020
Jim Mueller, Submitted: 08/07/2020 01:33
I use them for all my non warranty repairs. Have used them for at least 15 years. One of the best things about them is they listen to my ideas and requests. They can fix anything, even custom fabrication, and major rebuilds. Only auto repair place that I have complete confidence it in. Rates are very fair.
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Ryan Wamsley, Submitted: 05/14/2020 07:27
The guys at Edge did an awesome job modifying my control arms for my autocross car to get rid of excessive negative camber. They were super easy to work with.
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Andrew Hafner, Submitted: 05/03/2020 01:59
A few years back a carrier bearing in my Talon wore out, thankfully at the END of a Larison weekend. I got it to the Edge shop and borrowed a friend's car to get home to Portland. I picked up the car the following weekend, and Brad noted that the bearing had been in backwards, likely from a seal recall back in the 90's. Great work, certainly affordable, and willing to work with me from afar.
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Fitness Equipment of Eugene, a sponsor since 2020
Ryan Wamsley, Submitted: 05/14/2020 07:23
Paul and the rest of the team at Fitness Equipment of Eugene are phenomenal! I've had them repair my elliptical and they couldn't be more professional. They've also got a wide selection of equipment and showrooms to try before you buy. Don't hesitate to check them out!
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iTint, a sponsor since 2020
Lorin Wamsley, Submitted: 04/28/2020 09:30
Alex Arriola, owner of iTint Window Tinting did a terrific job on our car back in 2018. He uses top of the line materials and was very accommodating in the scheduling process. He'll be doing our next car too. This summer he'll be tinting a plexiglas sunshade for our deck shelter.
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Lucky Dog Racing League Powered by Hankook Competition, a sponsor since 2016
Andrew Hafner, Submitted: 06/14/2020 06:32
I have tried / been gently coerced into Chump Car, Lemons, and Lucky Dog Racing over the last 6 years or so. All are 'non-contact' organizations which makes it easier to bring the car back for the next driver on your team. My best experiences have been with Lucky Dog, even when racing is red flagged for a conversation, on grid, about playing nicely with each other. If you want to get into endurance racing with beaters, Lucky Dog is a good place to start.
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Mark Nearing Plumbing, a sponsor since 2016
Lorin Wamsley, Submitted: 05/08/2020 09:16
Mark has done several jobs for me and theyre always done right and timely. His expertise and work ethic is the reason I have referred many folks to him for large or small plumbing jobs. He has all the equipment necessary, including excavation and trenching. So its sink to sewer including drain fields.
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Paul's Home Team, Real Estate Lending, a sponsor since 2018
Lorin Wamsley, Submitted: 05/12/2020 08:36
I have not actually used Paul for my own home mortgage. I did that myself many years ago. However, Paul and I have worked together in this field for several years. I was always impressed with his integrity and customer care and communication. This is why I asked him to take over all my past clients when I retired. He has done and exemplary job with all my past clients who have worked with him since. I get rave reviews for him from those folks I worked so hard to build relationships with, and he does not disappoint. So if you are purchasing a home or refinancing your current home please dont hesitate to contact Paul Fortier for expert help. So glad to have him as a sponsor.
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TBS Consultants, Experts in IT Services, a sponsor since 2004
Jim Mueller, Submitted: 08/07/2020 01:45
Tim and Peggy Steck have put together our last two systems. They make them a plug and play affair and keep our data secure. They have done some emergency work for us, making time our of their busy schedule. Very friendly and courteous.
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Lorin Wamsley, Submitted: 05/08/2020 02:35
Tim Steck has been our go to IT person for over 25 years. We have purchased home office equipment from him to include PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, routers, and software. All are designed to work the way we needed. And Tim has supported all of this. We highly recommend them. Tim and Peggy continue to support the EESCC IT portion of everything we do. If you have any IT needs please contact them. And if you like having an EESCC website and a complete electronic timing system at our events please contact them to say thanks.
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