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Larison Rock HillClimb 2019
Reflections of a First Time Co-Chair

Paula Loftin and Mike Glass

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Larison Rock HillClimb 2019
Reflections of a First Time Co-Chair

By Paula Loftin and Mike Glass

What I knew coming in: It would be a lot of work, and that I didn't know the first thing about how to organize and run a hill climb except that it would take a vast number of knowledgeable people to get it off the ground.

What I didn't know: We HAD a vast number of knowledgeable people, who have been the backbone of the event for years, and THEY knew EXACTLY what needed to be done! In addition, Mike Glass, our chairman, had experience!  Whew! That took a load off my mind!
An unusual challenge we faced was damage from one of the biggest snowstorms in years. The resulting downed trees required immense amounts of extra work just to get the road cleared of the debris.  Many cords of wood later, the course was ready for the usual clean up. To all those folks who spent countless hours doing that backbreaking work, a thank you is hardly enough… because without your efforts, there would have been no Larison Rock Hillclimb this year.

I would like to thank every person by name who worked to make the event come off without a hitch, but it is a pretty long list.  Some who stand out are:

The Reinertson and Johansen families who work every year to make The Rock a success, but don't even drive! They do it for the love of the event, and we can't thank them enough. All I can say is, please don't ever stop!

Bonnie, Jim, and Lorin Mueller - the wealth of information this trio possesses cannot be underestimated! And although Bonnie is trying to hand over the reins, she is the "spiritual leader" of the event, and whoever steps in to organize it in upcoming years will find themselves leaning heavily on Bonnie for all manner of guidance and support.
Others of the core group included Mike Glass, Dave and Alicia Andrews, Jennifer Ocker, Steven Brantley, Ryan Rink, Mary Richardson, who designed and made our wonderful awards this year, among other things, Tim Steck, Alan Bowers, and Dana Zimmer. Many others helped in large and small ways, and we thank them all!

An event such as this requires LOTS of meetings, and we did not shirk in this regard! Chairman, Mike Glass, kept us on a tight schedule of planning meetings which allowed us to be on top of all the many details that had to be handled. Our team worked like a well-oiled machine, which ensured that no detail was missed.  As a result, we had an excellent event, aside from two crashes (thankfully with no driver injuries).
No reflection of the event would be complete without mentioning the competitors who won King and Queen of the Hill! Our King this year was Dave Kipperman running in the XP class in his '86 Mazda RX7 with the top time of 110.750. Our Queen this year was Jennifer Ocker running in the EM class in her '04 Subaru STI Multi with her best time of 116.212.

I also want to recognize those competitors who set new class records this year:  Jess Burk in CP, with his '98 Camaro - 115.404; Patrick Woodmency in DS, with his '17 Focus RS - 127.971; Marie Sherman in HCRL, with her '72 MGB - 141.973; Kip Anderson in HS, with his '15 BMW i3 - 133.796; Lorin Mueller in TR, with his '83 Plymouth Scamp - 120.785; Branko Turic in GTLITE, with his'13 BMW 135i - 132.488; and Alan Bowers in DP, with his '99 Miata - 116.952. Thanks for coming to our event and congratulations to all!

I think most everyone would agree our 2019 event was a great success! I am so happy about it, I have already started pressuring Mike to Chair it next year, so I can Co-Chair again! If you all want us to, of course!

Thank you Paula!  My Turn!

What a great time! I feel that we somehow managed to pull off a great event in spite of the fact that I still feel like I am not quite ready for the event to begin! We did start a bit late on Saturday morning due to the weather or timing issues, take your pick. Fortunately, these both were resolved at the same time as the road dried enough to get rolling. In addition to those that were committed to helping the event along early, virtually everyone present on race weekend was cooperative and helpful as needed, which went a long way toward making the event run fairly smoothly. Add the expert handling of event control and timing and the rest is easy, as they say.

As I add to these thoughts, I am reminded that, while we have such a fantastic crew to run this event, many of the hills and in fact many events do not enjoy this type of support. Our group has committed to producing a guide to make future events be easier for those involved, with the goal of providing thorough enough instructions that anyone will be able to produce a great event. I believe this is one of the steps necessary to help ensure that these events continue as the potential for burnout is extreme! That said, I believe that we are already committed to providing a better event next year.  Yes, there were some screw ups, notably a failure to realize that our fast time of the weekend was in fact a DNF, apologies to anyone who was chasing that time needlessly. There were others as well, but for the most part, easily handled. All in all, running an event such as this is an experience that can be as rewarding as participating in one, though in a very different way.  So, come on out and take a position in the team; bring along an apprentice to help things along!

Once again, many thanks to all those involved.  It is a great family to be a part of and there is always room for more, as shown by the open reception that Paula and myself received.  Oh, and a note! The September Maryhill HillClimb Event (of which I am Co-Chair) is looking like it will be shorthanded for prep work at the hill, always looking for more volunteers!!

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