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Larison Rock - Taking Another Run At It
By Mike Glass

IceBreaker (Event 1) and Event 2
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Larison Rock - Taking Another Run At It
By Mike Glass

So let's talk hillclimbs!  Hillclimbing as a form of motorsport has existed nearly as long as the automobile itself, with some events having run for more than a century! The oldest American event is known as Giant's Despair, taking place just outside Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. First run in 1906 and having a six turn, mile long course it has been run by the likes of Louis Chevrolet (driving for Buick in 1909) Carroll Shelby and Roger Penske among many, many others. That first run was two minutes eleven seconds, or right about twenty eight miles per hour. Today the course record stands at 38.024 seconds!

Pike's Peak, an event with which nearly everyone is familiar, was first run in 1916 and now attracts competitors from around the world. While not as ancient an event as those two, Emerald Empire Sports Car Club's own Larison Rock Hillclimb is now heading into its thirty- second year, thanks to its founders (and the continued hard work of) Bonnie and Jim Mueller.

Falling somewhere in between autocross and road racing, according to most sanctioning bodies anyway, this type of time trials event comes with a level of intensity and fun not usually matched by autocross. Consisting of timed runs up a closed mountain road (yes, a real road!) the typical American events have a length of around two miles, usually having a run time of two to three minutes or more. Easily double the run time of the typical autocross and closely resembling a single stage of a performance rally. Combined with some great mountain scenery it makes for a fantastic weekend. 

Here we are thirty plus years later and Bonnie and Jim have retired from chairing this event. Wanting to ensure the continuation of this Hillclimb, and drawn by the high pay and fame, I have decided, perhaps insanely, to occupy the position of event chair. With the help of Paula Loftin as co-chair, Bonnie's return as a special consultant, and a host of others, all of whom deserve special mention (keep reading) we have set the multi-faceted goal of not only producing a truly great event but to make the task of running this, and future events, a simple process than can be done by anyone, without the volunteer burnout that can come so quickly without the needed support. With only the first two organizational meetings behind us I would like to thank the crew for their commitment to the event and their support of the chair. First Bonnie, without her this simply would not happen, Paula, my fellow lunatic, Jen Ocker our registrar, Steven Brantley who has taken on the monumental task of editing our future guidebook, Dave & Alicia Andrews, Mark and Rose Reinertson, Karen and Ray Johansen, Ryan Rink, Mary Richardson and many others that have stepped up to volunteer but do not yet have specific assignments tasked to them. There will be many friends and associates to include before this is over, one of whom will be the next chair!

Thank you all, you're making it easy(ish!)     

Mike Glass

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