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January 2018 - Ramblings of an OLD Member
By Bonnie Mueller

Scavenger Hunt
Designed by Jim and Bonnie Mueller
Saturday, February 10th, 2018 1:00 PM Sharp
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January 2018 - Ramblings of an OLD Members
By Bonnie Mueller

Believe it or not, our 2018 season is rapidly approaching!  EESCC will have a full slate of fun events, something for everyone.

We start off January with a poker party (this coming weekend), go karts in Portland, and then to finish the month off we will be having a weighing party at Bert's.  Now, I normally would shy away from a weighing party, but this one is specifically for your car.  Whew!!   It is amazing how you can change the handling by correctly corner weighting your car.  Don't know how?  Come to the party, we will weigh the car and help you adjust your suspension to get as close as possible to the perfect corner weight.  Noon on Saturday the 27th- club will have a barbeque,  bring a dessert and BYOB if desired- club buys meat…..Come on over just to B.S., we all know how to do that.  No car needed. :)

February 10th is our 4th Annual Scavenger hunt.  Driver, navigator, small fee is all that is needed.  Oh, that and a sense of humor and adventure.  It will have you running all over, looking for items and answers to some really stupid questions.  Who says we have to be serious all the time?  I feel the world needs some light heartiness sometimes anyway.   So, read the flyer and come try it.  I guarantee you will smile.

March is when we start going fast.  Well, maybe some of us.  Better get working on that car now, if you haven't already.  We hauled the Focus up to Lorin's house in Vancouver to let him tackle the gremlin short we have been having in our dash for several years.  Haven't been able to keep the battery hooked up between events as the short drains it rapidly.  So that will be getting fixed AND a new (back to stock) fan with some decent wiring to keep it going and cool.  No more overheating and dumping coolant on the start line. Oh, and getting an axle replaced - when our engine mount let go on course at Willamette Pass it also damaged that….  And, maybe get the hole in the door fixed…maybe.  Ask Lorin about that one.  If all goes well we will have it ready for Icebreaker.

Keep an eye out on for our updated and current schedule.  Right now all we can confirm is that Icebreaker is the weekend of March 10th & 11th.  Whether it is back to "Icebreaker only" or Event #1 & #2 we can't say YET.  We are awaiting several venues to contact us with specific availabilities.  Hey, we will be sending out an e-mail and update you on Facebook with any date "updates" There is a good chance we will be at the Douglas County Fairgrounds – inside of the gates- autocrossing on the circle track.  And, we may very well be back up at LCC for a weekend.  Keep checking for updates!! And, get your car ready!

In May we will be having our (3rd Annual) Revival TSD rally.  Can't give the exact date yet, but again, we will be sending out info as soon as we schedule it. A TSD rally is a challenge, but a fun one.  Anyone (well it takes two-no, we aren't tango-ing) can enter.  All it takes is a car, driver & navigator and a sense of adventure.  Jim and I actually rallied together two years ago and didn't kill each other – (it is a challenge for some couples.) We even placed well.  Last year we had a blast working the event also.  So, whether you decide to run, or volunteer to help the club by working it, you can have a fun time.

July 7th and 8th will be the 31st Annual Larison Rock Hillclimb.  Several members have stepped forward to keep the tradition going.  It will be a grand event as usual!  Don't miss it. Keep reading the website for updates.

And, lastly, I want to put on a "grass autocross" again or "Rallycross" as they have become known as.  I need some help with that one.  If someone , anyone, can help me to locate a LARGE field that we can use, it would be great.  I am thinking maybe September…..  Give me a call please if you can help with a venue on that one. 

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  Get your car ready.  It's coming up fast.


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