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2019 Year End Awards Banquet Highlights Plus
By Bren Wamsley

By Peggy Steck

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2019 Year End Awards Banquet
Highlights Plus

By Bren Wamsley

What a fun evening we spent at Valley River Inn, Saturday, November 9th. We had 90 people of our Racing Family attend this year. It began with a Social Hour and Photo Booth with props.  Bert Jacobson and Russ Walters photo bombed at will.  Two funny characters.  Quite fun!  Can’t wait to view the pictures.  They will be posted on the website. We had appetizers followed by a wonderful buffet and dessert table and lots of activities.  The photo both was a huge hit.

Lorin Wamsley began with an introduction to the evening events. He then introduced Bert Jacobson, our MC, and the awesome Nick Kerbs, to present awards to our event sponsors and venues.  Sponsors were given a custom 500 piece puzzle of the Douglas County Speedway autocross track. Their logo and the EESCC logo were included on the track.  Bert gave a huge thank you to all our sponsors and venues.  Our outstanding drivers were then presented with kelly green boonie sun hats with their name and class on the front.  We thank Tim and Peggy Steck for all their work on the trophies this year.

Jeff Childers created a fun IROC video. The top 5 drivers were: 1st John Montgomery, 2nd Ryan Wamsley, 3rd Alan Bowers, 4th Ryan LeBlanc, and 5th Garrett Cogburn.  Awesome Drivers!!  Thank You Jeff for all the time you put into the video.  Everyone will be able to see this video on the EESCC facebook page and website.  Licia Shultz presented the IROC Championship award to John Montgomery.

Bonnie Mueller provided a synopsis of what we have provided to our community this year. Donations include:  $1,000.00 for Food for Lane County, $1,200.00 for Oakridge Volunteer Firefighters, $150.00 for Candlelighters, $150.00 Warriors on Track, and $1,550.00 to our 501c3 Foundation.  Bonnie Also talked about all our activities for 2019.  The racing events included: The 8 series autocrosses, Larison Rock HillClimb, and the TSD Rally.  The offseason events included: The Poker Tournament, the Eugene Parks and Recreation Coffin Race, and 3 “Adopt a Highway” road clean-ups. 

Licia Shultz did a short presentation on our 501c3 Foundation project.  Due to the lack of properties available for us to race on, we have been meeting for over a year to obtain a 501c3 status so that our foundation can accept donations in order to develop a Motor Sports Park.   Our goal is to purchase a large plot of land, 100 acres plus and develop it.  We would partner with other groups that have a need.  Many milestones have been met, but many more to meet.  We are targeting the 2nd quarter of 2020 to kick off our fund-raising efforts.

Licia Shultz added a new game this year.   The idea was to make your course map like Licia’s by drawing the map on a paper plate held on top of your head as she would call out instructions.  It wasn’t easy especially if you lifted your pen. Pierce Jacobson came the closest to the real course and won a prize.

Next, we played a game called “Most Popular Answer”, a form of family feud with each table playing against each other.  Bert Jacobson explained the rules and hosted the proceedings.   Licia Shultz partnered with me to determine the most popular answers submitted by each table.  The winning table was a tie between table 9 (Jeff Childers) and table 4 (Hope Mueller).  They rolled and tied again.  A second roll determined the winner to be table 4 and they shared part of their $120.00 prize with table 9. 

Then the music “We Are Family” started to play to alert Bert Jacobson to take the podium again.  This time to celebrate the families who drove together in 2019.  We calculated how many 2019 drivers we had and tried to determine how many had family racing with them.  We had 197 total racers, 72 family racers, which meant 36.5% of our 2019 drivers had family racing as well.  They were recognized and awarded a candy bar. Of course, we consider EESCC as one big family.

Bert Jacobson announced there were several people within our club deserving of the “Gear of The Year” award.  It is given yearly to a club member who steps up and goes above and beyond.  This year’s recipient is Ryan LeBlanc and well deserved.  Ryan stepped up to help with the timing duties and came all the way from Bend for every event. 

Bert then called me up to receive an unexpected award. 2019 is my last year as Secretary (15 years), Banquet Chair (20 Years), and Website Maintenance Assistant (19 years).  The club surprised me with a trophy and gift card. I’m excited that Peggy Steck is taking over the Secretary and Website maintenance duties.  I know she’ll do a terrific job and makes it a lot easier for me to pass the torch.  The Banquet Chair position is still unfilled.  So, if you think you have the talent as a “party planner”, step up and win “Gear of the Year”! 😊 I have enjoyed all the years I’ve participated in the club; it truly is a great family.   Lorin will still be doing sponsors and venues and I will help him as needed.  I also will continue to serve as Secretary for the 501c3 Foundation. Lorin and I plan on doing a lot of traveling and enjoying our grandchildren, Elias and Parker, before they grow up.

Then it was time for Bonnie to award The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The “Good” was presented to Josh Ireland for the “Most Improved Driver”. He is the driver of the 2015 Scion FRS and unfortunately couldn’t attend the banquet.  He won one free EESCC 2020 series autocross event. The “Bad” was presented to Jody Leder for the “Compass Award” also known as the “Where The Hell Am I” award or the “I got lost in a Parking Lot” award, or in Jody’s case the “I Give Up” award.  The “Ugly” was awarded to Jason Braunberger (our 8 time winner) for the “Cone Killer Award” hitting 48 cones for the season.  The CP’s have reigned over this award for years and it continues.  Paula Loftin was 2nd with 42 cones and DaWayne Kerbs 3rd with 39 cones.  This prestigious award has been renamed the Jason Braunberger Lifetime Achievement Award – Leave No Cones Standing.

Many wonderful door prizes were drawn throughout the evening. Several of our sponsors donated door prizes including Bert Jacobson - All Rite Roofing, Tim and Peggy Steck - TBS Consultants, Mark Nearing – Mark Nearing Plumbing, and Eric Hoffman – Chameleon Painting.  Doug Drouet won the $50.00 cash prize from EESCC and Jerry Braunberger won the Valley River Inn’s “Bed and Breakfast Package”.  EESCC donated several cash prizes, t-shirts and autocross entries.  And our one and only Paula Loftin seemed to delight in throwing the leftover candy bars throughout the room.  There was lots of laughter and no injuries. 

We gave many thanks to Valley River Inn for hosting our event and providing such a nice door prize. I really enjoyed working with Tina Rodriguez this year. She is so fun and accommodates our needs in any way she can. Their servers were very attentive and welcoming to our group. I have another Thank You and that is to David Mills. He continues to provide a DVD with excellent footage of our series events which is shown throughout the banquet.  I know the editing takes a lot of hours. Much appreciated David. You’re the best!   Our drivers really enjoy this yearly video.

Lorin closed by thanking everyone for making EESCC such a great club. He also thanked the Banquet Committee (Bren, Lorin, and Ryan Wamsley, Licia Shultz, Hope Mueller, and Bert Jacobson and Russ and Patty Walters), and the banquet presenters, Bonnie Mueller, Licia Shultz, Bert Jacobson, and Nick Kerbs.  Lorin also thanked our club photographer, Bruce Harmon for a terrific job, and Jeff Childers for the IROC presentation.

We would love to see more of you become involved in the club.  Attend our monthly club meetings at 7:00 pm, the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Sizzler on Gateway.  It’s fun to eat and chat among friends prior to the meeting.  We are always in need of news articles.  If you would like to write a news article for the club, let Bert Jacobson or Peggy Steck know.

Musings; Officer Updates, Secretarial Duties and other Thoughts

By Peggy Steck

At our Banquet this year we held our biennial (I had to look that up) officer elections. All positions are for two years.  The results were pretty predictable.  Bert Jacobson is the President, Hope Mueller is the Vice-President, Treasurer is Jim Mueller, Secretary is me, Peggy Steck, Bonnie Mueller is the Chief of Registration and Tim Steck is the Chief of Timing and our Chief Safety Steward is Keith Olsen. Our club is in good hands for another two years.  But seriously, we need more people involved in anything and everything.  Come to our meetings at Sizzler at Gateway on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm to participate.  Come a bit early, have dinner and visit. One exception is the January 2020 meeting, which will be held on January 2nd since the first is New Years day.  Same time, same place.

Bren Wamsley has been our secretary for years, (15 years to be exact per her November article). So, she has the job down, she probably did it with her eyes closed.  She has graciously offered to show me how to do everything I’ll need assistance with and when they should be done.

Here is a quick list of the Secretarial duties; The club uses a mass Emailing service that needs maintaining, keep it current on email addresses, remove old ones, send out emails to the correct groups.  Emailing reminders of newsletters, activities, events, registrations, etc. Meeting minutes, meeting agendas (getting us to send her agenda items), printing copies for the meetings and other printouts as needed. She creates the course map backers with the sponsors for each weekend event.  Updating the website, newsletters and other content (spell and grammar checking, uh oh), updating dates for various registrations and late fees, changing links, etc, etc, etc.  So, bear with me while I get my feet under me.

Many of you have work to do on your race car.  Fixing all the broken things that gave way, when you pushed your car beyond its limits. Or you are figuring out how to budget for all the wanted go fast parts so you can better your times, move up to a new class or beat the other drivers in your current class.  Us, we just put the Solstice away in the garage, (next to its twin) and suspend the Sirius/XM subscription until March.  Night, night for the winter. So easy.  Although Tim would like to move the go-fast parts off the broken Solstice to the working one.  Key phrase is “would like to”. 

As many of you are aware, we are having trouble finding venues to hold our events.  Keep your eyes out for large open parking lots.  We need a lot big enough to hold the course, parking for entrants and some room for campers.  We will probably have more out of town events in 2020 as that seems to be where pavement is.  More news to come as we work out the schedule for 2020. 


Timing School Information

By Tim Steck

Tim Steck is again hosting a Timing School at Tim & Peggy's house in Cottage Grove. Open to anybody that wants to learn Timing and Registration (brief introduction). Tired of chasing cones? Would you like to sit on your butt for your work assignment? Get out of the sun or rain and help out with timing? Also, this is a good time to brush up on your skills if you already are a timer.

Again, that's at Tim and Peggy's place, 74845 Reservoir Rd. Cottage Grove, OR on Saturday, February 22, 2020 and it will start at 11:00 SHARP. There is a lot to go over. Just a note, the last 3 Timing Schools lasted close to 4 hours each.

Again, food and sodas will be provided. EESCC members (or non-members) don't starve.

Please go to the EESCC website and pre-register for the school or just click Timing School Registration link.

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