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Shall We Continue?
By Mike Glass

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The driver's were added into the Calendar by the total length of their first and last names
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Snell M and SA helmets of these years
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** Only 2015, 2010 and 2005 **
**** Snell 2005 will be legal until 2021 ****

Shall We Continue?
By Mike Glass

OK, so there's been a great many articles written and published in various newsletters and club magazines, some even in mainstream car mags, about becoming involved in motorsports and how to accomplish it at the various levels of competition available. Turns out that getting into motorsports as an individual competitor is actually far easier than bringing others into the sport to help it prosper.

Probably almost everyone involved has had the same conversation, the one that goes something like this, “So, what do you do for fun on the weekends?”, “I go out and race cars”, “Really? That's so cool, I've always wanted to do that!!”, “Well you can! Come join me next time, I'll help you get started.” “Awwright! Just tell me when and I'm there!”  Later---”Event coming up soon,” ”I'll be there”.  Then followed by, “Still coming?”, “Super stoked, wouldn't miss it for anything!” And finally the day before “Want to meet in the morning and go together?” Answered with, “Oh, I can't go because (insert lame BS excuse here)”.

After years of witnessing this scenario unfold, I have become convinced that no matter what these folks say and even think they believe, most of them never really had the intention to follow through with their claims of interest. Why is this and how does one help provide the proper motivation to overcome this stationary inertia?  It seems most people today go through their lives very much like a piece of toast-popped out, tossed on a plate and eventually coated with something to make it worthwhile! We already have the foundation needed, in the form of a fun, friendly, easy access environment that can provide as much excitement as a person chooses, but there does exist a line that seems to require new people to be pushed or pulled across in order to perpetuate the sport that we love. Willamette Motor Club just brought approximately thirty potential new competitors to the fray with their school and practice day at the fairgrounds-seems like a lot for one day but experience shows us that maybe five will complete the season and likely only two will continue to compete on a regular basis in the years to come. This is well below the number that will be lost to normal attrition during the same time period!

The solution? I certainly don't have all the answers, merely recognize the need to find some. One possibility that may be effective--kidnapping! Take someone you know for a drive, “happen upon” an event and take the opportunity to actually show them how much fun is being had, how safe it is and get them a ride! Most of all show how easy it is to get involved and do everything you can think of to try and eliminate the fear of embarrassment which is the real reason people stay away. If a person is not at an event they have no opportunity to see that there is no personal embarrassment, we all appear idiots on a regular basis and this should make anyone feel right at home! While you have them captive, point out the non competitive ways to be involved such as timing, organization and social activities. Promote the driving skills training (that comes with the fun) to everyone, especially young drivers and their parents. On a related note we should all be demanding lower premiums from our insurance companies for increased skills, along with refusing to tolerate cancellations and denied claims because we were found to be in the vicinity of a motorsports event! In any case, as our driving traditions evolve and change. it is becoming more difficult and more important to those remaining interested; making it time to create and consider any ideas that may be used to encourage participation and present those ideas to everyone so they can be used to help ensure the survival of our great events! 


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