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Racing My Dream Track
By Keith Olsen

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Racing My Dream Track
By Keith Olsen

It started at the back of the timing trailer at a VRC, Event 7 & 8 last year. Rae and Jamie were working in registration, even though they didn't have a car to autocross. We had blown the engine up at a 24 hour race earlier that year, and the car wasn't ready. They told me they were going to try to make it to a race at Laguna Seca near the end of the year. I was hopeful for them to get the car done, because that track is one of the most historic tracks on the west coast. I didn't plan on being able to join them, because they already had a full team and my budget only allows about 1 Lucky Dog Racing League race a year. Somehow it got around to the fact that I had never been to Laguna Seca, and that's where it ended for a while.

A couple months later I get a message from Rae asking me if I'd like to join their team again for Laguna Seca for the new season in January. It took me about 10 seconds to confirm I would be able to save up the necessary money, before I responded with an exuberant YES! This was in mid November, I had about 2 month. The race was on January 13th and 14th. I'll tell you, Christmas and New Years couldn't get over fast enough. My new favorite holiday was January 13th. I had driven Laguna Seca 1000+ laps on racing simulators. It was always one of my favorite tracks, even in the easy world of SIM racing.

Finally the day arrived, Saturday, Jan 13th. There are 4 drivers, myself, Adam (former owner of the car), Jamie, and Rae. I am the second person in qualifying and I will stay in the car and be the first driver of the day. In my exuberance I didn't realize that the checkered flag meant that qualifying was over and I took a couple extra laps by myself, oops. I got to start the race with a black flag... The race starts and they let the whole field make a lap before they let me out. That's okay. We have 6 ½ hours of racing to go this day and the first lap of a crap-can race can be a bit crazy. Joining the flow a bit late was just fine by me. Bring the car home in one piece. That's the most important rule. I have been out there for about 20 minutes when I start getting black flagged again. I didn't remember doing anything wrong, but I came in anyway. It turns out our car was too loud. Laguna Seca has a max sound of 90 dB. For reference, our club's 96 dB is one of the lowest in Oregon. 96 dB is approximately 50% louder than 90 dB because of the way the scale works. We were informed that if we get flagged again for sound our day is done. We get one chance to fix it. Fortunately another team brings us a short resonator with a 90 deg bend. They attach it with a couple screws and a bunch of bailing wire and send me back out. They aren't sure if this will help enough and tell me to “take it easy” past the sound meter. For the rest of my stint I basically putt past the sound booth. I would work a whole lap to pass someone, just to give it right back on the next pull up to turn 6. Talk about frustrating. It turns out the fix worked and I was being overly cautious. Yaay! We get to race both days! Because of the additional 30 minute stop and the extra caution we didn't place very well the first day.

Day 2 arrives. This time Adam is the first driver and I'm second. This day is a 7 ½ hour race, which means we get 1 hour 45 minute stints instead of  hour and a half. At 90 minutes Adam comes in because the car is cutting out on power on some of the corners. We hadn't noticed it the day before because it we were only racing 90 minute stints. I experience the same issue at about 90 minutes and now we have had 1 extra stop and 1 more driver will get extra time at the end. While Rae is on track Jamie decides she doesn't feel like taking her stint, So Adam and I split the 2 ½ hours evenly at an hour 15 each. At just about that time the mandatory Dramamine I had taken that morning (that's a story I won't get into here) started making me extremely drowsy. I did everything I could to snap out of my haze. I yelled at myself, slapped myself in the face, jumped up and down, and drank a big cup of black tea and nothing was working. I have to race again in an HOUR! Finally I ended up taking a power nap for about 30 minutes in a lawn chair, in the pit, with my hat over my face. It worked! I felt great. I popped another Dramamine (I wasn't messing around with motion sickness again) and headed out on track.

Man, am I glad I got this extra opportunity. The car was plenty fast. Adam ended up with the 6th fastest lap that day of 1:50.66. The car was fast enough you didn't have to do anything fancy to pass most cars. Just get a good line coming out of a corner and drive right past the guy in front of you on the straight. It was because of this that I improved my best lap time by 2 seconds on this stint. Two cars that had less power, but better racing lines got past me on the climb to the Cork Screw. I was able to close the distance on the straights so they didn't get too far away before they would pull away again through the next corner. I followed those 2 cars for 30 minutes and learned their brake points and corner speeds. Eventually I was able to get back by both of them. I ended up getting my best lap time of 1:51.2 and was running much more consistent lap times. We came in 9th over all and second in B class. If we hadn't had those 2 extra pit stops (and a black flag I got for passing under yellow, oops) we could have had a B class win and finished in the top 6.

I am very grateful to Rae and Jamie for having me on their team and sharing their awesome race car. I  could have never had the opportunity of making my Laguna Seca dream come true without them. And if any of you autocrossers have a little more budget and are looking for a bit more seat time, crap-can racing is an awesome way to get on a real race track and compete in real wheel to wheel racing. Most races will give you 2 ½ – 3 hours seat time. Give it a try.


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