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Featured Article
Oh The Places You'll Go
By Nick Kerbs

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Oh The Places You'll Go
By Nick Kerbs

Oh the places you’ll go, and not just the places you’ll go but the people you meet, and the experiences you share. The experiences that you share are the things that life is made of. It’s hard to imagine that this last icebreaker marks a moment in time in which I have spent half of my life on the autocross course. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had through this amazing sport are the things that movies are made of, books are written about and some only dream of.

It all started my junior year of high school. I had just got my license and a friend of mine brought a flyer for icebreaker and said you got to do this. So reluctantly my dad rode down with me in an old primered Camaro that we had just built, in fact my first car. It was kind of funny, all the advice given showed he was obviously nervous to let me do this but supportive anyway. I remember when we first pulled up sizing up the competition, seeing a bright yellow Camaro, this really loud greenish Camaro, a maroon fastback and a bright orange mustang. As we were pulling into grid for the first time the yellow Camaro pulled up next to me and I’ll never forget the first words “hey kid $20,000 more and you’ll have one like this”, at first I thought this guy was full of crap, boy was I in for a surprise.

The first couple years I only hit a few events and was really not competitive against Bert Jacobson and Jason Braunberger. Only about 7 seconds behind, lol. Finally scored some sweet dried out old slicks from Bert and got a little more competitive. The fateful turning point was when I got a flat tire at Willamette Pass and was unable to finish my runs, and Jason offered up his ride. This lead to me immediately purchasing a different car and building it over the off season. Boy I really thought that was the ticket, now only 4 seconds behind and gaining on Jerry Braunberger. By this time I finally convinced my dad to start co-driving. A few embarrassing years with that car and I decided it needed a do over. So once again, bought another third gen Camaro and built an entire car over the off season.

This year was finally my first year going to nationals. After hearing all the crazy stories I wasn’t sure what to expect. Showing up and seeing the famed Mike Maier was kind of humbling. Finally meeting the guy everyone was talking about, and cool enough he sat next to me at the group dinner and I’ll never forget him telling me, “ you are the future of C-Prepared and we have to continue to push this class to be the fastest cars out there.” That was kind of a turning point. From then on it drove me to never settle, to continue to push the class to get faster. So far I think I’ve done well. Local CP is climbing the PAX higher and higher every event.

Flash forward 16 years from the beginning and probably closer to 40 or $50,000 later here we are. I’ve met some amazing people from all over the west coast. Friends and family for life, heck half of the invitees for my wedding I met autocrossing. Bought my first house through Lorin Wamsley, proposed to my wife at a drivers meeting for god sake. We all know how hard it is to let someone drive your race car but I’ve had the privilege of driving many cars I would have never had the chance to just because of this sport. Same goes the other way, I would’ve never imagined letting someone drive something I’ve spent so much blood sweat and tears to acquire. Nonetheless I’ve planted many butts in my seat when someone is in a bind. Whether they scattered my motor or parked it backwards on boulders, I had no concern other than if they at least had fun. It’s a true family. I’ve traveled to see things I would have never had the chance to see. Partied like rockstars just to wake up at 6am to stand out on the pavement and chase cones, or to bang on a pan because we were too loud the night before. We’ve cleaned highways for fun and wheeled and dealed for the heaviest item to buy for a dollar in the scavenger hunt, even driven around a racetrack with a burlap sack over my head to benefit Guide Dogs for the Blind. This club has been a life changing experience. I thank you all for being a part of it.

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