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August's Monthly Meeting (8/4, 7:00 PM)
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The EEMSP August's Monthly Meeting (8/18, 6:30 PM)
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ONLY Snell 2005+ M and SA helmets will be allowed.

Emerald Empire MotorSports Park Update  
By Licia Shultz

This is a wonderful time of year, with all the possibilities Spring and of racing in our future. This is also a time when, having planned our event schedule, we come to realize how few racing venues we have left.

That is why we formed the EEMSP, a foundation dedicated to the development of a MotorSports Park in western Oregon, with the goal of increasing track accessibility to racers of all skill levels.

This year a major goal is to get the word out as far as we can, creating a larger base of supporters in our region.

We have created a social media presence on many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to name a few.

We also have a web presence (come see us at!), and we are in the process of retooling our site to serve a larger audience and support mobile device access. Check out the site for some inspiration, and watch the changes over the coming months!

We tried our luck at using the GivingTuesday platform, a fundraising program that uses a variety of social media platforms. “Giving Tuesday” happens every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We did get a donation, and an amazing education on fundraising.

We have had racers from our club attend events with other clubs, where they can act as ambassadors to help get the word out about our foundation’s goals, continuing to grow our base of supporters.

It has been a difficult time to do fundraising in the year of Covid and big disastrous fires that affected so many people. But, thanks to our club members and supportive community we have been able to do some pretty impressive fund raising. THANK YOU!

We have also been working on a wonderful Power-point presentation that we will be taking to county officials to give them a clear understanding of our goals and ways to support our efforts while benefitting their local communities. We believe that this will further our goals of developing a permanent venue, and a home for the Emerald Empire Sports Car Club.

There are many ways you can help support the effort, and it’s not just by giving money. Maybe the company where you work does printing or prints specialty tee shirts, or makes banners, you could approach them for support in that kind of way. It could be a flat-out donation or maybe a reduced fee. The possibilities are endless. If you have an idea that might help in our goal and you want to talk about your idea, you can reach out to one of our board members or advisors. We are all reachable on the site, or even at one of our events.

Lastly, if you plan to attend events sponsored by other clubs, you too could act as an ambassador! We have put together an easy-to-use “Toolbox" with all the information you need to make a short presentation, and that could spread the word and help grow our base of support.

Looking forward to seeing you out at the upcoming race events! 

 Thanks so much, Licia Shultz

Guest Driver  
By Keith Olsen

When I started autocrossing, I started using my daily driver (DD). My first season was in an AWD Eagle Talon. I traded that car for a 1988 BMW 325 and raced that for about 7 years. Most people start using their street driven DD because of convenience. With the pace of automotive technology, a person has to buy a new car every few years to stay competitive in stock class. Because most people can't afford that path, they modify their daily driver to make it more competitive, but after a while they have to decide what their priorities are. A highly modified car becomes less reliable and less comfortable for daily duty. You can't risk your ability to get to work when something inevitably goes wrong. This is how I made the decision to get the Pinto as a dedicated race car. A Pinto obviously isn't most people's first thought when they think of a performance car, but this one was an old vintage road racer. All of the hard work had already been done. The suspension was properly modified, interior stripped and caged, and the engine was ready to assemble however I wanted it. Plus, it had a price that couldn't be beat.

The Pinto has proven to be a pretty competitive car with the local club, when it is running... Being on a limited budget meant I couldn't just throw money at it and because of its vintage there were very few available performance parts or knowledgeable resources. This has meant I have missed several events. Being a leader of the club, I found myself at many events without a race car. Fortunately, many people have come to my rescue and offered to let me drive their car. This is one of my favorite things about amateur racing. The participants are into it for the camaraderie and competition and many have been willing to share their race car with me. And I mean MANY.

 The EESCC website is awesome. It allows you to pull up every event you have raced with this club since IB2000, by your name. Below is a list of all the race cars I have been a guest driver in. Some of these great folks have let me drive their car more than once, but if it was the same car, I left it out for the sake of space. 

 003 Subaru WRX, Nathan Greiner
2002 Subaru Impreza, Nathan Allen
2002 WRX Wagon, Ryan Carothers
1983 Camaro, Bert Jacobson
2005 Nissan Sentra Spec V, Mike Baker
WSR Sports Racer, Tony Chilton
1992 Mazda Miata, David Mills
1987 BMW 535i, Sean Kato
1983 VW Rabbit, Jason Mattis
1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo, Eli Miller
2003 Ford Focus, Nathan Allen
1991 Toyota MR2 V6, Eli Miller
2007 Pontiac Solstice, Bruce Harmon
2008 Porsche Cayman, Jerry Shultz
2008 Mazda RX8, Shunan Zu
2017 Fiat 124 Spider, Bruce Harmon
1982 BMW 320, Allen Hesch
1999 Mazda Miata, Alan Bowers
1975 Nissan 280z, Chris Nunez
2006 Mazda Miata, Bill Randelman
The Bandit, Tony Chilton
1986 Nissan 200SX, Jeremy Bunker
2012 Mazdaspeed 3, Jeremy Dey
1999 Mercedes CLK 430, Eli Miller
1989 BMW 3251, Mike Baker 

That adds up to 25 racecars, that are not my own, that I have had the pleasure to race since I started autocrossing in 2000. I really appreciate all of these folks for sharing their car with me. This list doesn't include the 2 cars I raced in Chump Car and Lucky Dog. Thank you to Jeremiah Russell (1989 Nissan Sentra), and Raye and Jamie (1986 BMW 325), for the track racing. I wanted to give a Special thanks to Tony Chilton. I raced his AM Bandit with him for a full season in 2015. That car was mind-bendingly fast. 

 Finally, I wanted to extend an offer to drive the Pinto, to all of the folks who's cars I have driven. I have invited a few people to drive the Pinto in the past and I have to say, I get the feeling many of them didn't really enjoy it that much. Haha. It has manual brakes, manual steering and big sticky race tires. It's actually takes great physical effort to drive it sometimes and this isn't everybody's cup of tea. I will be making further efforts to improve drivability and durability in the future and as it becomes easier to drive more people can enjoy it. If you find yourself without a race car, come race day, or if you have a durable car and you just to have fun runs, let me know. Thanks again to EESCC members for all of the great memories, and I look forward to creating many more in the years to come. 

 Keith Olsen.

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