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Revival Rally
By Simon Levear

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Event Date: July 7 - 8, 2018

* * * Revised Ruling on Neck Restraints * * *

"On May 28th we were notified that NHA had amended their ruling on neck donuts. If you are in a class that allows a neck donut, and if you are going to wear a neck donut instead of a hans type device, you must also be wearing a "full face" helmet, NOT one with an open face."
Please plan on bringing the correct safety equipment to the HillClimb

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EESCC Current Noise Restrictions
Remember we have a 95 db Max noise limit in place
Please have your car quite so we can continue to respect our event sites and the neighboring areas.

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Snell M and SA helmets of these years
will be allowed for 2018:
** Only 2015, 2010 and 2005 **
**** Snell 2005 will be legal until 2021 ****

Revival Rally
By Simon Levear

Twelve intrepid teams attended Emerald Empire Sports Car Club’s Revival Rally on May 19th.  Beautiful Oregon spring weather greeted the teams.  After a short rally school at the Sizzler restaurant, teams embarked on the odometer calibration transit taking them West on the Beltline and up River road to Marshall Island Park.  From there, teams continued north and up Love Lake road.  A loop off Love Lake brought them to a T shaped intersection.  In most cases teams would go left at a T intersection, but eagle eyed teams noticed the road to the left was labelled “Dead End” by a sign that wasn’t visible until just as you started turning left.  Teams that went left without noticing the sign soon realized they had gone the wrong way and needed to adjust for the time they lost.  Teams then proceeded back to Love Lake Road and North to the checkpoint just before the low bridge.

Leg two took teams up Love Lake, thru the community of Lancaster and up Old River Road looking to Left on Schults Rd.  Unfortunately Jerry and Licia Shults missed the road and had an interesting drive to Peoria.   Teams that found Schults then went North on 99W and then took Hulbert Lake road and Cox Butte Road to checkpoint two at the base of Cox Butte.

Leg three had teams heading South on Territorial and then heading West on Butler Rd to checkpoint three.  Leg four continued South on Sheffler to a break in Veneta.  After the break teams headed West on Shuttle Road to checkpoint four.

Leg 5 had teams taking Knight Road to Sheffler, and then to Butler and checkpoint five.  An eastern drive on Butler and a jog to Kirk road took teams to checkpoint six.  Teams then transited to the finish at Abby’s pizza on Barger Drive.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of many people.  Jim and Bonnie handled registration and also covered checkpoints one and four.  Hope and Karl covered checkpoints two and five.  And Bert and Lisa covered checkpoints three and six.  Thanks to Karen for Guinea Pigging the event and completing the scores at the end.

Pablo Eklund and Julia Smolyancy took first overall with 34 hundredths of a minute of total error, running in the limited class which allows for some calculating equipment, but not full on computers.  I would assume Julia was using a Curta mechanical Calculator, which is quite a marvel of engineering, which was used by many professions before the advent of the pocket calculator.  Ryan Rink and Steven Brantley took first in the SOP, or “Seat-Of-the-Pants” class for teams with some experience but no calculating equipment, with a total of 2.17 minutes of error.  First place in the Novice class went to Janelle and Ian MacGreger with a total of 3.08 minutes of error.

EESCC doesn’t have any more rallies scheduled for 2018, but if you want to give rally a try, a great event is Cascade Sports Car Club’s “Mountain to the Sea” rally taking place the weekend of August 4th and 5th.  Find more information at:

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