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Due to Virus Restrictions:

  • June Monthly Meeting (6/3/20, 6:30 PM) will be back at Bert's shop, the EEMSP Monthly Meeting follows right after.
    Yes the meeting start time has been moved up to 6:30 pmm.

  • Check back for more updates on future Events

    Hoodoo (June 20th and 21st) is ON!!!!
    It will be a Pre-Reg and Pre-Pay ONLY!!
    No onsite Registration or Payment.

    Larison Rock Hillclimb (July 4th and 5th) Canceled again!
    Now there is no chance of this happening

Featured Articles

We Love Our Sponsors
By Lorin Wamsley

Lockdown, Loss and the Meaning of Life
By Jamie Black

2020 Axe and Saw Autocross Series Registration
Pre-Payment via Paypal is available
Save up to $55.00 per driver w/prepayment for the series events

Registration will reserve your car # for 2020
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EESCC accepts Credit and Debit Cards
at registration at all events

We can also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, etc.  We much prefer that you prepay and register online. Checks and cash are preferred at registration. For convenience and for that NFT run in the afternoon that you just have to do because the course was soooo much fun in the morning and you didn’t bring enough cash.  Now you don’t have to run to the ATM.

E ESCC Current Noise Restrictions
Remember we have a 95 db Max noise limit in place
Please have your car quite so we can continue to respect our event sites and the neighboring areas.

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Snell M and SA helmets of these years
will be allowed for 2020:
** Only 2015, 2010 and 2005 **
**** Snell 2005 will be legal until 2021 ****

We Love Our Sponsors

By Lorin Wamsley

During the course of nearly 20 years in recruiting, getting to know, and working with our sponsors; I have had the privilege of meeting some truly great people, with terrific skills and exceptional knowledge of their chosen professions.  I’ve also had the opportunity to use quite a few of them over the years, either in my own line of work, home improvements, or my never-ending automotive projects.

As you may, or may not know, all the venues we currently use for our events charge us for the privilege of racing on their asphalt.  These charges represent a huge increase in the cost of putting on our season events.

Our club membership fees and the amount we charge you for running at each event pretty much covers our regular operating costs.  However, this income does not cover the purchase and updating of our equipment and technology, or the cost of the venues that we now incur.  Guess what does cover those costs; yep, it is our sponsors.
Sure, the sponsors can write it off as an advertising expense, but how much is a tax write off worth if you don’t have any revenue coming in.  So, it can be said that sending business to our sponsors helps us.  Duh!

So, to help them, especially in this bizarre season with so few actual events, we have added a sponsor testimonial button to our website homepage.  At the top of the sponsor list on the right side you’ll find a place to click on to add a positive testimonial for any of our sponsors you have personally used.

We’re not looking for words of praise for a friend or family member, but rather an honest appraisal of your experience using their skills and expertise.  If for some reason you were not satisfied with the results, this is not the forum to air your grievances.  Since I personally recruit all our sponsors, I definitely want to know about any problems.   But, in general, it’s just not right to “bad mouth” a business owner who is willing to listen to your grievance and take steps to make it right.  If you don’t talk directly to them and attempt to work it out, then that’s on you.

So, stepping down off that soap box, I encourage you to add a testimonial if you can for any of our sponsors, and more importantly, please always look to our sponsors for any work you may need done.  Likewise, please refer your friends and family to them.  The afore mentioned testimonials should give you the confidence to do that even if you have not used them yourself.

Just so you know, we strive to have only one sponsor per category.  However, in this automotive concentrated club we may have an overlap, but only by exception through mutual agreement by all parties.  If you know of a potential sponsor, please contact me directly at You may also use that email for any other correspondence you wish to have with me.

It’s a trying time right now for sure, but please know that we, here at EESCC, are doing our best to make things happen.  Unfortunately, there can always be a disconnect between what you might see on facebook and what is real.  So, always look to our EESCC home page for accurate information.  We can’t control who posts what on facebook.

Lockdown, Loss and the Meaning of Life

By Jamie Black

The cancellation of race events is something huge for most of us, and something that most people cannot understand the magnitude of, for those of us who suffer from this loss.

The truth is… I’d race or work on just about anything right now. Give me a car, truck, big wheel, lawn mower… snail racing anyone?! Life in this pandemic has changed everything we know, everything we want, and everything that we do. Events… cancelled! Social gatherings… cancelled! Dinners and meetings with friends (that have no clue how much they actually mean to us)… cancelled!


This is so much more than just a hobby. It is an outlet for stress (and sometimes a cause of stress J). It is our joy. It is where we get to work with our hands. It is where we work together for the benefit of the whole group or team. It is where we get to put our skills (or lack of skills) on display. It is friendship and FAMILY!

These are the people and things that we get up early for, stay up late for, and sometimes don’t sleep at all for. This is what we travel for, the people we travel with, the people we snore in front of, eat with, lose our modesty with (I have become very good at peeing on the side of the highway), learn new things with, and adjust and adapt with, to make the best of any situation. This is where we learn commitment, and where others, hopefully, see what drives us — and what we drive ;).

I am blessed to have been born to people who had to build things, rather than just buy them. We built homes. We built Frankenstein mini-bikes out of whatever we could piece together. We built skateboard ramps and dirt tracks. And, we built community! We had cars that “may not make it all the way to town,” we popped hoods, changed tires, and learned to diagnose that “gawd awful” sound, or thump. We learned to fix things. And for as long as I can remember, my dad taught us about racing. He taught us to “drive” before we could reach the pedals. He taught us cornering and braking, and he instigated our family’s involvement with this club and racing in general.

In my experience, the racing community embodies the best things in life… family, friendship, teamwork, commitment, building, adrenaline, and fun. I was part of this club long before I ever got behind the wheel… a support person, and at one of the hardest times in my life, you all gave me the support and confidence I needed to go out and “embarrass” myself. Whether it’s asphalt, dirt, desert, or sand… my best friendships and most of my favorite people have come into my life because of cars and racing. I am beyond grateful for all of you, for this club, for my bad hippies, and for McLaren Racing. This is what it’s all about. This is the best life.

We will gather, we will socialize, and WE WILL RACE AGAIN!

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2020 EESCC Autocross Series Sponsor

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The Axe and Saw Autocross Series weekend Sponsors

Full Service IT Consulting firm
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